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Gospel Touch Choir (GT Choir) is a popular London based gospel choir that can make any event memorable. The GT Choir group is known to add uniqueness to any occasion: weddings, birthdays, funerals, church events and festivals and more. This Black Gospel Choir for hire standard service includes a six-piece choir of five singers and a guitarist/pianist who will perform up to six songs. The GT Choir are exclusive Wedding Gospel singers who offer additional services in wedding ceremonies like performance during photo sessions or drinks reception. Gospel Touch Choir performances span over contemporary and traditional gospel music. Additionally, the Choir Group also entertains the guests with popular funky music, R n B renditions, soulful bands and Mo-town tributes.
Today, GT Choir Group is one of the famous names in UK music industry with its performances held in entire UK and Europe. GT Choir Group has also performed along with celebrities such as MaryMary, Angie Lemar and Emeli Sande, featured on Channel 4 for celebrated chef Jamie Oliver and performed at various celebrity weddings and the Belvedere Vodka Charity Concert, making its mark in the music industry of UK. Owing to the fact that the group performs Gospel Music that is rich in harmonies and dynamic creative melodies, coupled with vocal gymnastics and invigorating choreography, Gospel Touch has also been nominated for several awards including BEFFTA Awards, MOBO Award, Gospel Music Award and Urban Music Awards.
Apart from performing as Gospel choir for wedding, this Gospel Singer group also provides other services at weddings including:

  • Music Workshops
  • Wedding Photo Booth
  • Function Band
  • Session Singers Hire

So, one can invite this amazingly talented musical performance group to any school/college event, Church event, Wedding, funeral, birthday or any other occasion without any regret.
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GT Gospel Choir Adds Pleasantness With Amazing Songs To A Wedding, Birthday Or Any Other Occasion. 


Gospel Singers in the UK – Gospel Choirs Hire

Gospel music happens to be a music genre in Christian music. Generally it is made up of Christian lyrics with significant use of harmony and the vocals are frequently dominant. The conception, performance, importance as well as the meaning of gospel music in UK is seen to be different due to cultural and social context. There are numerous purposes of composing and performing gospel music in the UK which includes artistic pleasure, ceremonial or religious purposes, and also as a product of entertainment for the public.

Basically, the derivation of Gospel music is from the African Americans who carried their tradition of African music into America and merged their traditions with the longstanding Christian hymns. The numerous techniques, as well as the syncopation and blue note allow gospel music all over the globe different from other genres of music at this time.

The overall purpose of gospel music in UK, outside the purpose of entertainment, is to worship God and to spread the message that Jesus is Lord, through the lyrics and melodies, which are repeatedly positive, inspiring and enlightening.

There are various gospel music groups in the UK today; however the Gospel Touch Choir has proven to be the spearhead, creating awareness on the UK Gospel music scene.

Hire Gospel Choir GT Choir and feel the positive sensation of gospel music. Gospel Music is performed at Funeral, Weddings, Function, Churches and more. General Term that most use to associate with Gospel Music are: Gospel Singers, Gospel Choir, Gospel Groups, Wedding Gospel Choir and Funeral gospel choir. There are higher demands for Gospel choirs during Christmas in the UK. Gospel Music is soulful, uplifting and inspiring. Gospel Choirs have the repetation for having the biggest voices, real soul, infant gospel music inspired Mo-town! Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

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Exclusive GT Gospel Choir Covers Gospel Songs with Celebrity Singers Available on YouTube

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM (NOVEMBER 4, 2016): Reputed wedding gospel singers the Gospel Touch Choir is excited about its latest playlist of cover songs that includes heavyweight names in the music industry. GT is a London Gospel choir that has earned reputation owing to the singing talent of this Gospel Singer group of displayed at Church events and other occasions including Gospel choir for wedding in and around England. This Black Gospel choir is famous for its rich harmonies, dynamic creative melodies and vocal gymnastics with lively choreography that has astounded its clients and won these London gospel singers nominations in various awards including the MOBO Award, the Gospel Music Award, the Urban Music Awards and the BEFFTA Awards.


With the fame of Gospel Touch reaching the UK music industry, it has come up with a new playlist of cover versions for Gospel songs with celebrities like The Beatles, Etta James and Emeli Sande. These cover songs are exclusively available on GT gospel choir YouTube playlists for viewers. The following cover songs are available on the YouTube Playlists of Gospel Touch Choir:


  • Let It Be (Beatles Cover)
  • All You Need Is Love (Beatles Cover)
  • Next to me (Emeli Sande Cover)
  • Come O Ye Faithful (O Come let Us Adore Him)
  • Happy Day (Gospel Touch Version)
  • At Last (Etta James Cover)
  • Gospel Touch Gospel Choir – Amazing Grace (EXCLUSIVE)


Apart from this, the GT Choir group has also featured with world famous chef Jamie Oliver on Channel 4 and performed with international singers like Angie Lemar and Emeli Sande. The group is among the most favored wedding gospel singers in the UK and has been asked to perform at several celebrity weddings and the prestigious Belvedere Vodka Charity Concert.


Gospel Touch essentially offers wedding gospel choir service and one can hire gospel choir for any event including weddings, birthdays and Church based events. GT Gospel Choir for hire service is available at their official website.


To hire GT Gospel Choir, please visit www.gt-gospelchoir.com



Official Website: www.gt-gospelchoir.com

Email: [email protected]

Ph: 07956005371

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBhNNCiOgj92md0acUpNVuv5TCb4TDWNE





GT Gospel Choir Cover Versions Including Famed Singers Like Etta James, Emeli Sande And The Beatles Out On Their YouTube Playlists.


Gospel  Touch - Gospel choir for hire

Performing at Wedding Ceremonies

Sometimes in the past, gospel choirs’ performances are only restricted to the church or other strictly-religious gatherings but now the idea of gospel choir performing at wedding ceremonies is now becoming widespread. It is usually very exciting and fun-filled. Below are some interesting reasons why you should consider hiring a choir for your wedding ceremonies:

  • Diverse Talent & professionalism:

The well-constituted gospel choir comprises of varieties of talents, skills and capabilities which come together to form a perfect and beautiful music sequence. The flavor of the distinct and unique music is embedded in the assortment of artistry and expertise.

  • Your ceremony should be fun

Gospel music performed by gospel singers at weddings can be highly fulfilling; it lightens up the atmosphere and portrays your wedding as a genuine celebration.

  • Tailor-made vocal arrangements

This gives you the opportunity to design the songs to your taste. If there are specific songs you want to include in the list, the gospel choir can easily do that for you. Our flexibility and versatility allows us to easily meet the needs of each client’s specialty. We simply customize our service for you!


People require different specifications when it comes to the size of a choir. Some want it large while others prefer it small depending on the type of event, guests, venue, budget etc. However, the number should not be lower than three, on the other hand, it does not have a maximum limit; some have their gospel choir group consisting of over a hundred people depending on the size of the event.    

If you were wondering how to hire a Gospel Choir for Wedding for a special event you are planning, gospel touch is available at your request. GT Gospel Choir covers all locations, our new line up of choirs are: Manchester Gospel choir, Leeds Gospel Choir, Birmingham gospel Choir, Lonodn Gospel Choir, Jersey Gospel Choir, Kenya Gospel Choir, Chicago Gospel Choir, ATL Gospel Choir and more. We have local members hence you can be assured we won’t let you down.