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Exploring the Top UK Gospel Artists: Gospel Touch Choir, Sam Adebanjo, and CalledOut Music


The Top UK Gospel Artists scene is rich and flourishing, featuring a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. Leading this vibrant landscape are acclaimed artists like Gospel Touch Choir, Sam Adebanjo, and CalledOut Music, each bringing their unique flair and passion to the genre.

Gospel Touch Choir: A Symphony of Voices

Gospel Touch Choir, under the guidance of Sam Adebanjo, is renowned for its powerful and emotive performances. The choir’s ability to deliver soul-stirring gospel music has made them a beloved group in the UK and beyond.

Sam Adebanjo: A Pillar of UK Gospel

Sam Adebanjo is not just the leader of Gospel Touch Choir but also a prominent solo artist. His music resonates with listeners, offering messages of hope and faith through a blend of gospel and contemporary Christian music.

CalledOut Music: Modern Gospel Fusion

CalledOut Music has emerged as one of the leading voices in modern UK gospel music. Known for their fusion of gospel, pop, and R&B, they bring a fresh and youthful energy to the scene, appealing to a broad audience with their innovative sound.

The Rich Tapestry of UK Gospel Music

These artists represent the rich tapestry of UK gospel music, showcasing the genre’s diversity and its ability to evolve and adapt. From traditional gospel hymns to modern gospel pop, the UK scene is alive with talent and creativity.

Impact and Reach Beyond the UK

The influence of these artists extends far beyond the UK. Through their music, Gospel Touch Choir, Sam Adebanjo, and CalledOut Music have touched audiences worldwide. We also spreading messages of inspiration and unity.


The Top UK Gospel Artists scene is a testament to the genre’s enduring appeal and its ability to inspire and uplift. Artists like Gospel Touch Choir, Sam Adebanjo, and CalledOut Music continue to be at the forefront, driving the genre forward with their passionate and dynamic music.

Discover UK Gospel Music

For those looking to explore the depth and vibrancy of UK gospel music, the works of these top artists offer a perfect starting point. Their music is not just a listening experience; it’s an emotional

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