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‘Touching Lives, One Song At A Time’

The Awards winning Gospel Touch)
We are now the leading Gospel Choir in the United States. Founded in 2003 by Sam Ade’banjo (British Citizen, Award-Winning Singer-songwriter). We are USA and UK based Gospel Choir – with gospel singers all over the USA (United State of America) and Canada. Our gospel singers have also performed at a wide range of events across World.  We cover the following City’s in the USA; We have Gospel Choir in Atlanta, Gospel Choir in Chicago, Gospel Choir in Florida, Gospel in Dallas, Gospel Choir in California, Gospel Choir in Georgia, Gospel Choir in Texas, Gospel Choir in Vegas, Gospel Choir in New York, Gospel Choir Mississippi and more.

GT Gospel Choir has performed in churches, festivals, youth events, weddings, conferences, award shows, TV shows and more. Our repertoire is adaptable and flexible to any given audience. Known for creating dynamic melodies with rich harmonies, the choir can deliver an outstanding performance ranging from gospel to Motown, Afro Beat, POP, Folk, swing-beat, from R’n’B to traditional hymns, all coupled with refreshing choreography and their vocal never fail impress.

 Amazing Grace

Won’t he do it


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Wedding Gospel Choir: Wedding Gospel Singers

Gospel Touch Choir at every wedding is inclined to delivering a strong and powerful performance as well as sensational and extraordinary gospel singers that are capable of adding an extra special feel to your special event (Weddings).
Imagine the congregation singing alongside with the classic gospel music “Oh Happy Day” or perhaps that special gospel music which you have always desired and craved for. If you are planning a traditional service at the church, Wedding reception, a small civil ceremonial event or a large celebration, our cooperative consultants are always available and ready to guide you till the completion of your event.

All weddings are special. Our aim and objective are to generate a gospel music package and incorporate this special package into your occasion, making it a memorable experience for you and your invitees for all the right motives. Hire Gospel Touch Gospel Choir today and witness an experience of a lifetime.
Make your reservations and bookings today!

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