Gospel Touch Choir's Coca-Cola Tour, singers for Hire in London

Gospel Touch Choir’s Musical Odyssey with Coca-Cola Across 17 UK Cities


Gospel Touch Choir’s Coca-Cola Tour, in partnership with Coca-Cola, embarked on an extraordinary musical odyssey, visiting 17 key cities across the United Kingdom. This tour brought their inspirational gospel music to diverse audiences in cities like Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol, Cardiff, and many more, creating a tapestry of musical joy and community spirit.

A Journey Through the Heart of the UK

The tour’s itinerary included major cities renowned for their cultural vibrancy and musical heritage. Leeds, with its rich artistic scene. Manchester, is known for its musical legacy. Sheffield, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and London – each city welcomed the choir with open arms and hearts.

Special Stops Along the Way

In addition to these well-known destinations, the choir also visited Essex, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Oxford, Liverpool, Leicester, and Newcastle. Each location offered its unique backdrop, audience, and atmosphere, contributing to the tour’s rich and varied experience.

Uniting Cities with Gospel Music

One of the tour’s most remarkable aspects was its ability to unite people from different cities through the power of gospel music. Gospel Touch Choir’s performances transcended regional differences, bringing a message of hope, joy, and unity to every stop.

Musical Highlights and Audience Engagement

Each performance by Gospel Touch Choir was not just a display of their musical talent but also an interactive experience for the audience. The choir’s engaging style and diverse repertoire ensured that every concert was memorable and unique.

Building Bridges Across the UK

The Coca-Cola Tour Truck, combined with Gospel Touch Choir’s harmonious performances, acted as a bridge connecting various communities across the UK. It was a celebration of music’s unifying power and its ability to bring joy to people’s lives.


Gospel Touch Choir’s Coca-Cola Tour was more than just a series of concerts. It was a journey that celebrated the diversity and unity of the UK through gospel music. The choir’s visit to these 17 cities left a lasting musical legacy, highlighting the power of gospel to uplift and inspire.

Experience the Joy of Gospel Music

Missed the tour? There’s still an opportunity to experience Gospel Touch Choir’s captivating music. Check out their upcoming events and performances and join the celebration of gospel music in the UK.

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