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Music is not just how we celebrate the goodness of life. It is also an effective vehicle for expressing our losses, sadness, and pain.   Even when we can’t communicate what we are feeling. When words are inadequate, our world feels shattered, and we feel ourselves unraveling, music often becomes our anchor, creating a cathartic outlet for our melancholy.   People generally believe in an afterlife, a better place than the world. A place of rest and tranquillity and so loved ones who have passed are sent off with love and hope. The importance of this transition makes family and friends want the most elegant, respectful, and solemn music. They want to hire a choir for the funeral.

Funerals are where people celebrate the life of a loved one, say their final goodbyes, and mourn the loss of that person. It is the point where the separation is felt the most. As it signals the finality of the loss, it is of utmost importance to the family and friends that the atmosphere is respectful and solemn. Good music is the best way to achieve and ensure this. A professional funeral choir should be committed to this. The music played will inevitably remain an essential part of the memories of saying goodbye.

So it is necessary to have the best.   Gospel Touch Choir boasts a repertoire that caters to the wide range of its audience needs. Having performed at award shows, major sports events, family events, and a British royal event, Gospel Touch Choir has perfected the art of adapting to the needs of its clients. Proficient in Motown,  POP, RnB, Jazz, and Afro Beat, Gospel Touch Choir continues to meet the music needs of its audiences.


Hire Gospel Touch – Hire A Choir For Funeral

Hire Gospel Touch for all special events. Our artists have also performed at St James’ Palace for Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, at the Olympics Closing Ceremony, BAFTAs with Paloma Faith, on Songs of Praise at the BBC, in the Cadogan Hall, and much more….

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