Kingdom Gospel Choir landed a record deal with Sony

Kingdom Gospel Choir landed a record deal with Sony:

Our congratulations to Karen Gibson and the Kingdom gospel Choir for the achievements of the year: from Royal Wedding performers to number 1 in Gospel Billboard charts to what I thought was an absolute no-brainer for any record label: sign them up! It was Sony who has added the choir to the family, with a November release.

It most definitely is time gospel choirs were more than simple accessories and backing, used to make others sound good, and given the opportunity to actually be appreciated in their own right. Gospel choirs do sing a whole lot more than ‘Oh Happy Day’ – as amazing as that Edwin Hawkins’ reworking of the hymn was. (Listening to the Hawkns – it actually has a dynamic and depth to it, which is often missing in many renditions which are simply very ‘feel good’).

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