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London Community Gospel Choir: Inspiring the Soulful Sounds of Gospel Touch Choir

In the vibrant city of London, where diversity and culture converge, a remarkable musical journey began with the London Community Gospel Choir. This esteemed choir has left an indelible mark on the gospel music scene. They also, captivate audiences with their soulful harmonies, infectious energy, and unwavering spirit. In this blog post, we will explore the inspiring influence of the London Community Gospel Choir on the formation and success of the Gospel Touch Choir, showcasing how their rich heritage and musical excellence continue to resonate in the heart and soul of this talented ensemble.

The Legacy of the London Community Gospel Choir:

For over three decades, the London Community Gospel Choir has been a beacon of gospel music excellence, not only in London but around the world. Founded by Rev. Bazil Meade in 1982, the choir quickly gained recognition for their exceptional vocal abilities and powerful performances. Their unique blend of traditional and contemporary gospel music has touched the hearts of millions. It inspired countless aspiring musicians, including the members of the Gospel Touch Choir.

Gospel Touch Choir: A Fruit of Inspiration:

The Gospel Touch Choir emerged as a vibrant and talented ensemble. It’s drawing inspiration from the rich legacy of the London Community Gospel Choir. Comprised of skilled vocalists and musicians, the Gospel Touch Choir pays homage to their predecessors while infusing their own unique style and interpretation of gospel music. Their harmonious voices and dynamic performances embody the soul-stirring essence that the London Community Gospel Choir exemplifies.

Building on Tradition, Creating Their Identity:

While the Gospel Touch Choir draws inspiration from their predecessors, they have also forged their own identity within the gospel music landscape. They have embraced their distinct musical styles, experiences, and influences. It’s allowing them to connect with diverse audiences on a profound level. The Gospel Touch Choir’s dedication to preserving the core values of gospel music. They adding their own innovative touches showcases their growth and evolution as a formidable ensemble.

Carrying the Torch Forward:

The influence of the London Community Gospel Choir on the Gospel Touch Choir extends beyond their musical prowess. Both choirs share a commitment to using their talent and platform to bring people together, spread joy, and uplift communities. Their performances are not only about creating beautiful music but also about making a positive impact, inspiring hope, and fostering a sense of unity among listeners.


The London Community Gospel Choir’s rich legacy continues to inspire and shape the gospel music landscape, reaching far beyond the streets of London. Through their soulful harmonies and uplifting performances, they have influenced countless aspiring musicians. Also, including the talented individuals who comprise the Gospel Touch Choir. With their own unique style and unwavering passion, the Gospel Touch Choir carries the torch forward. They honor the traditions of gospel music while adding their own vibrant flair. As these two remarkable choirs intertwine their journeys, the spirit of gospel music remains alive and thriving, touching the hearts and souls of all who listen.

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