GT Choir Gospel music workshops for school children draw on the experience of a variety of professionally trained singers from traditional and contemporary backgrounds. This includes styles from jazz, folk, gospel, soul, pop, rock and contemporary music. We aim to engage and educate school children about the different music genre and how important it is to our community. Particularly, we have different inspiring programme line up for the workshops ranging from vocal training, playing African drums etc. Most of the sessions involve practical engagement of the pupils to make a lifelong impacting experience.

NOTE: All of our artists have enhanced DBS checks

Gospel Music Workshops for Schools in London

We are the UK’s leading providers of gospel music workshops and music mentoring for schools, communities, choirs and individuals of all ages. Wherever you are and whatever you need, we can meet it. If you are looking for an exciting and inspiring way to revive singing in your school, establish a new choir or develop your choir’s repertoire, you have come to the right place.

We can provide workshops in gospel singing, song-writing, as part of your school celebrations, in preparation for performances, as part of a themed day or week or just for the fun of it. We run Gospel music programmes in schools, colleges and community organisations all over the UK.

Our experienced team of Gospel music specialists work with children and adults of all ages and abilities.

What you can expect from one of our workshops

  • We educate and inspire the young people in your school through the delivery of high quality music workshops and performances.
  • Brief history of the origins of the music
  • Learn rhythm through clapping games and dance moves
  • Learn how to sing in unison and harmony
  • Understand how lead voices work with choral arrangement
  • Experience singing in true gospel style
  • The knowledge imparted through our work can contribute to the diverse initiatives of the curriculum, developing life skills like confidence, which are gained through being involved.
  • Experience singing in true gospel style

Our Workshops are tailored to match your objectives and can range from:

  • One-day Gospel tasters
  • Setting up on-going singing sessions
  • Training/developing school Gospel choirs and groups
  • Developing small ensembles
  • Developing soloists/individuals
  • Organising Gospel Concert
  • Music performance by the Gospel Touch Choir
  • Music Mentoring
  • Anti-Bullying

Professional Friendly Trained Tutors

A Student Testimonial:

On Thursday the whole school enjoyed spending a day singing and dancing with gospel singers who had traveled all the way from London. We hope you got chance to hear them sing at the assembly. This is what Charlie H and Harry B in Year 5 thought about the day ….
“This was the best day of the school year!

Today 3 gospel singers spent the whole day at the school. They gave us an assembly as well as individual class lessons. The School Choir also had 1/2 of an hour with them. Finally they had a big concert to round the day off!!
We would love to see the gospel singers again. We all love to hear music and songs from other cultures.”
Harry B & Charlie H

Students Performing 'Amazing Grace' During Workshop with Gospel Touch Choir

Students Performing 'Amazing Grace' During Workshop with Gospel Touch Choir

Students Performing 'Amazing Grace' During Workshop with Gospel Touch Choir

Students Performing 'Amazing Grace' During Workshop with Gospel Touch Choir

Teacher Testimonial:

Good afternoon, I would like to communicate with you my positive feedback for our Gospel Touch Choir SMSC activities. The members of the choir were motivating and engaging. They worked effectively with our students and were themselves very organised throughout all sessions in the day. I have had the opportunity to work with numerous groups and organisations over that last 8 years and I can honestly say that the Gospel Touch choir are the best to date. The message of tolerance, kindness, understanding, positivity and sharing good news was an integral and explicitly clear part of every session that the students experienced today. The students involved left with their heads held high and smiles on their faces. I was surprised and very proud of the level of participation and self confidence that they were able to display today. I have had a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding day and even exercised my own vocals J Michelle"

African Drumming Workshop in UK

Contact Us for more Information. This drumming workshop is suitable for all age groups. The Education Group provides drums for every child in the class including djembes and samba percussion. Many schools book this workshop during Black History Month. Using traditional African drums, children create sounds and music from the African continent. Every child has the opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture whilst they experience a feeling of unity as part of a drum circle.

Music Mentoring

Contact Us for more Information Music-based mentoring uses music as the common ground and shared interest to develop a relationship with a young person in order to support them to make significant changes in knowledge and behaviour. Through this process, the music mentor coaches the individual musically in order to achieve on a musical level as well as a social level. The mentoring process includes sourcing and providing signposting and next steps for mentees at its heart, ensuring that impact is sustained beyond the relationship itself.

Productions for Festive Seasons

Contact Us for more Information We can join your in- house choir or even create an ensemble to accompany your children during concerts, nativity plays and end of term performances. Past performances include: Full concert arrangements involving gospel choir performers Supporting musicians for various concerts. This is a bespoke service meeting your schools individual requirements.

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