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My experience of singing with Gospel Touch’s 40 piece choir at the Central Hall in Westminster.

Where to begin?
The beauty of the choral voices and the intricate sound that was produced by their blend still rings in my ears till today. In fact, it was just yesterday that I was looking through some of our pictures and to this moment still revel in the feeling of that day. The smooth cascade of voices commemorating the life of someone clearly worth celebrating was glorious, and whilst singing at this funeral, the gospel choir brought hope and encouragement.
The experience was beautiful.

As an up and coming gospel singer who has just begun her professional career, I must admit that prior to the rehearsals and final performance I was indeed a little bit nervous. For me singing at Westminster was an extremely upscale event and never had I performed with so many amazing professionals.
Sometimes when you’re new in a field you can feel out of place and at times when I heard some of the more seasoned gospel singers sing I just wanted to run. The quality of the sound, the texture of voices! My goodness! So many amazing singers in one room and yet such a tangible love – one that made me want to stay and fly.
Although a newcomer I was made to feel like an oldie. You see that’s the thing about Gospel Touch. It builds up singers and it does so with love.

From the hours of intricate rehearsal when the performance in my mind began to the moment when we stood in front of a crowd of grieving celebrants, I was surrounded by amazingly encouraging women and men who had the same desire as me. To bless people with their gift and to encourage others whilst doing so.

You see Gospel Touch is not just a gospel choir, it’s a community and deeper still it’s a family. One that sharpens, empowers and celebrates both the weak and the strong and one that can throw down a harmony! The musical quality produced by this choir struck my core and so being a part of the 40 piece choir truly felt like a privilege.

In terms of the funeral ‘Blue Moon’ was by far my favorite song that we sang that day- I’m a real sucker for jazz you see and the smoothness of that song brought a warmth upon me, but again, that’s what I love about GT gospel choir. We’re unique and versatile hence why we sung ‘Back to the start’ by Coldplay with the same exceptional spirit that we did ‘Lean on Me’.

The harmonies were smooth, the voices sweet and the responses powerful. Our clients enjoyed our performance and so did we! In a nutshell, if I were to describe my experience in one word I would say -bliss.
If you’re an aspiring gospel singer looking for an opportunity to join a London Gospel Choir that grows you then Gospel Touch is the place to be. Similarly, if you’re an enterprise, business, engaged couple, bereaved relative or simply someone hosting an event that needs some lively and soulful music, great energy and professional performance- you need Gospel Touch!

Mary A O

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